Outing Secretary’s Report


3rd Bait medal Tues 8th May:-6 anglers weighed in 20 fish for 41lb 12ozs. 1st I Blyth 6 fish for 12lb 14ozs.  2nd D Mackenzie 5 fish for 9lb 4ozs. 3rd A Ritchie 3 fish for 6lb 8ozs.

4th Bait medal Sat 9th June:-6 anglers weighed in 3 fish for 5lb 12ozs. 1st T Whyte 1 fish for 2lb 4ozs. 2nd A Ritchie 1 fish for 1lb 14ozs. 3rd A Haggart 1 fish for 1lb 10ozs.

5th Bait medal Tues 3rd July.


1st Fly medal Sat 31st March:-No Winner.                               

2nd Fly medal Wed 18th April:-Winner A Smart 3 fish for 5lb 4ozs.

3rd Fly medal Wed 16th May:-Winner T Ganley J/r 1 fish for 1lb 8ozs.

4th Fly medal Wed 18th June with Smith Fly.

5th Fly medal Wed 18th July.


1st Fly outing Linlithgow Sun 15th April:-22 anglers weighed in 27 fish for 71lb 8ozs. 1st A Smart 4 fish for 10lbs. 2nd C Firth 2 fish for 8lb 8ozs. 3rd J Greenhorn 3 fish for 8lbs.

2nd Fly outing Raith Lake Sat 21st April:-14 anglers weighed in 33 fish for 67lb 5 ozs. 1st D Mackenzie 4 fish for 10lb 6ozs.  2nd R Wilmanski 4 fish for 10lb 2ozs.  3rd G Williamson 4 fish for 9lb 2ozs.

3rd Fly outing Morton Sun 29th April:-16 anglers weighed in 43 fish for 88lb 4ozs. 1st J Greenhorn 4 fish for 9lb 3ozs.2nd T Ganley S/r 4 fish for 9lbs. 3rd G Williamson 4 fish for 8lb 15ozs,

4th Fly outing Glensherup Sat 5th May:-18 anglers weighed in 36 fish for 83lb 3ozs. 1st G Barker 4 fish for 10lb 11ozs. 2nd D Mackenzie 4 fish for 10lb 7ozs. 3rd A Young 4 fish for 9lb 7ozs.

5th Fly outing Linlithgow Sun 13th May:-16 anglers weighed in 38 fish for 92lb 8ozs. 1st T Ganley S/r 4 fish for 10lb 4ozs. 2nd G Ross 4 fish for 10lb 2ozs. 3rd A Smart 4 fish for 10lbs.

6th Fly outing Leven Sat 19th May:-9 anglers weighed in 2 fish for 4lb 15.5ozs. 1st G Reekie 1 fish for 2lb 15.5ozs. (Leven Champ) 2nd C Firth 1 fish for 1lb 8ozs.

7th Fly outing Linlithgow Sat 26th May:-16 anglers weighed in 23 fish for 61lb 6ozs. 1st A Smart 4 fish for 12lb 4ozs. 2nd G Barker 4 fish for 11lbs. 2nd R Wilmanski 4 fish for 11lbs.

8th Fly outing Menteith Sun 10th June:-14 anglers weighed in 14 fish for 36lb 5ozs. 1st I Forsyth 2 fish for 6lb 10ozs. (J Petri Trophy) 2nd D Knight 2 fish for 6lb 4ozs. 3rd G Williamson 2 fish for 5lb 4ozs.             

9th Fly outing Glensherup Sun 17th June.     (7 boats)

10th Fly outing Loch Glow Sun 24th June.

11th Fly outing Stenhouse Sat 30th June.      (7 boats)

12th Fly outing Beecraigs Sat 7th July.        (9 boats)(17 anglers)

13th Fly outing loch Glow Sat 21st July.

14th Fly outing Glensherup Sat 28th July.     (8 boats)    


CSSC National Qualifier Menteith Fri 4th May. D Mackenzie & T Ganley S/r representing the club missed out winning the pairs D Mackenzie managed to qualify for the national final to be held at Draycott water Friday 22nd June 2018


Loch Glow Sun 3rd June CSSC Perth/Rosyth fishing challenge saw 16 anglers take part. The Main challenge was for 6 anglers from each club to fly fish from the boats and the rest to fish the bank with a prize for the heaviest basket on the day.  Result for the boat Rosyth 19 fish for 33lb 4ozs. Perth 16 fish for 26lb 10ozs. Overall heaviest basket D Mackenzie 6 fish for 9lb 14ozs.

Many thanks go to J Greenhorn for organizing the event and to M Smart and B Grant for cooking breakfast and lunch. Well done all. 



D Mackenzie, Outings Secretary